Phone System

Be a global brand from a single location and ensure your customers receive the same personal touch of a local partner.

International Numbers

Buy local phone numbers across 100+ countries and make it easy for callers to reach you - even if your team work from country away.

Number Porting

Effortlessly contactwise allows you to use your existing phone numbers by porting them to Contactwise.

Vanity Phone Numbers

Find vanity phone number to connect better between your brand and customer.

Business Hours

Create time zone specific work hours for each team and plan the inbound routing of phone calls accordingly.

Smart Routing

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Workflow Designer

Workflows are a set of instructions that are created using workflow designer and used by routing engine to direct interactions to the appropriate target (play prompt, route to agent, route to another phone number etc).

Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

Automated smart and efficient queue distribution of inbound calls based on all available data to make sure that callers are always directed to the most qualified agent or agent group.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Create your multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) menu to guide the caller through different options and make sure they are always directed to the right department, agent or group of agents and receive relevant information through customized messages.

Preferred Agent

Set a preferred agent for each client so that their calls are always directed to the right person. The customer constantly communicates with the same agent, which makes your customer support more personalized, efficient and pleasant.

Skill-Based Routing

Inbound calls can be automatically routed to a specific agent based on their fit and skills required by the caller. You can easily assign skill levels to your agents.

Caller-Based Routing

Smart routing of inbound calls based on the caller’s phone number with your custom criteria.

Webhooks & API

Connect our phone system to your everyday tools or build a new custom workflow.

Holiday Routing Rules

Create and manage special routing plans to handle incoming calls during holidays. Holiday Routing helps you to plan your call handling in advance.


With a wide range of tools, your teams can now easily manage customer calls and collaborate with internal teams in a more organized manner.

Desktop Notifications

Get incoming call alerts sent to your screen and start the conversation by clicking the banner.


Stay in touch even when your office is out of reach by forwarding calls to your mobile device.

Ring on Speakers

Reduce your missed call rate by ensuring all inbound calls ring loud and clear in your workspace.

After-Call Work

Give your team time after every call to quickly tag, assign, and prepare for the next conversation.

Call Center Features

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Warm Transfer

Warm Transfer allows you to easily transfer callers over to another agent with having the possibility to speak with them first.

Call Monitoring

Accelerate employee training and boost call quality assurance by monitoring live calls.

Call Whispering

Secretly speak to teammates while they are on a live call so you can provide timely advice.

Barge Into Calls

When monitoring calls, barge in at any point to speak to the callers and the agents simultaneously.

Disposition Codes

Disposition codes allow agents to record interaction outcome after it has ended and are a simple way to keep track of customer interactions.

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